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Midlands Auto Breakers

Car Parts

Car not running properly? Need a new replacement car part?  Think again!

scrap-yardSome people hold a false belief that more expensive is better. We don’t !!

We fully see the benefits of utilising a recycled car parts and at a snatch of the price of manufacture original or universal replica auto parts what more could you want?

Oh yes, of course the only thing better than saving a packet is saving the planet! Well good news, with a used car part from Midlands auto breakers you really to take part in saving the planet too. 75% lower carbon footprint on a used car part and often as much as 75% less cash too!

car-partsCars are lasting longer than before and the car scrappage scheme was a bid to reduce the number of ten year old plus cars off the road. All good for those who could afford to take advantage – ironically all good too for those who couldn’t. It simply means now, chances are, we have the part you need.

Get auto savvy go down the auto thrift route and try us for your parts requirements first – you may just end up laughing all the way to the garage. 75% happier about sorting out your car repairs.