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Midlands Auto Breakers

Halesowen Car Scrapping

Top Car Prices Halesowen

12744577_1022240814516818_4270136835591416896_n At Midlands Auto Breakers, we take in scrap cars for money in Halesowen, taking vehicles that are of any age and size. To ensure that vehicles are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner with pollution kept to a minimum, the different car parts and pieces will be recycled, giving them a new home rather than directly disposing of them. This will be done through either reusing, remanufacturing, recycling or refining the components, getting the most out of every car part.

Scrap Car Quote Halesowen

We offer scrap car collection in Halesowen and across the West Midlands region, taking in all vehicles including cars and vans. By arranging a convenient time that suits your schedule, it is our aim to make it as easy and simple as possible to scrap your car! To receive a scrap car quote, fill in one of our scrap car forms and then await a call back from us within the hour, or speak to us directly over the phone to receive a free instant quote! To ensure that the scrap car quote offered can be honoured, please provide accurate information about the vehicle – letting us pay what was quoted. Call us on 07854 896 621 or 0121 558 3084.

Halesowen Legal Vehicle Scrapping

As a family run business, Midlands Auto Breakers have over 30 years’ experience working with scrap vehicles and parts. We are a fully licensed facility (End of Life Vehicle License number EAW-ML40293), so there is no need to worry about legal issues when scrapping your car through Midlands Auto Breakers.

Same Day Collection

The collection of your scrap vehicle in Halesowen can be scheduled for the same day if there are any slots available at the time of the call, offering a fast and friendly service. If this is not possible, or a different date is requested, a convenient time to suit your needs can be arranged. To discuss the different collection times that are available, please speak to us over the phone directly, or when a call back is received after submitting a quote form.

Money for Scrap Cars in Halesowen

With the money offered for each vehicle, payment will be made once the vehicle has been collected at the arranged date and time. The money paid for the scrap car will honour the quote offered, so long as the information provided was accurate. Not only is money offered, all the necessary paperwork will also be completed correctly upon collection, with certificates of destruction offered upon request. To answer any questions, queries or concerns about the process that is involved in scrapping your vehicle, each of our drivers are fully trained in the collection of scrap vehicles.

To receive a quote, fill in one of our forms, or call us on 07854 896 621 or 0121 558 3084.



Scrap Vehicles

  • MOT Failures, Old Vehicles, Damaged
  • Anything considered


All Vehicle Parts

  • All cheap parts available batteries from £10
  • Parts worn tyres from £10