Midlands Auto Breakers

About Us

We are a long-established business that makes sure we stay at the forefront of the auto recycling industry and don’t end up “on the scrap heap”. With an objective of recycling as many cars and parts as possible, the salvageable scrap cars and parts are sold onwards.

Priding ourselves in being customer focused and approachable, our experienced team are welcoming to discussing the options which you have available. If you are available to get to us directly, one of staff members will aid in ensuring that you are satisfied with the service provided. If not, don’t worry – we can get that part to you. This means that even if your car has been exported, we can meet your needs. Whilst based in the Midlands, we have many satisfied customers across the world, with their vehicles running on midlands auto breakers parts.

With environmental concerns for scrap cars increase amongst both the public and government, our business model is based around addressing these concerns and government policies. With the increasing volume of metal thefts and other assorted crimes, policies are set and based around making sure that customers know that our scrap cars are fully legal, meeting legislations. Our management have also worked hard to ensure that all processes have been refined to meet legislations whilst also providing high rate deals.


Scrap Vehicles

  • MOT Failures, Old Vehicles, Damaged
  • Anything considered


All Vehicle Parts

  • All cheap parts available batteries from £10
  • Parts worn tyres from £10

We like to give customers the credit they are due. As such, not all end of life vehicle is judged as a pile of scrap that needs crushing, with the offered price as more than junk value.

Even with the global metal markets fluctuating, a system is in place that breaks down the dismantling of the scrap car into four core process avenues.


Can any of the scrap car parts be removed and reused?

This is the main customer focused aspect of our operation. With vast amounts of experience within the sectors indicated daily common faults in vehicles to us and the most sought after parts. With this knowledge, we keep these parts just for you! With many different vehicles coming in, we have spare parts in many makes, models and years, all in reasonable prices!


Are any parts cost effectively viable for repairing or re-engineering?

Many parts in scrap cars such as alternators and gear boxes can be repaired or re-engineering, allowing our customers to save a fortune in comparison to purchasing manufacturer goods or replica parts. With policies and procedures in place, reconditioned components means that they are as good as new, and will endure in the same manner as fresh components, whilst saving you money! After all, why buy a brand-new part when you can get same condition spares for much cheaper? In some instances, a new gear box or engine could be worth more than the actual value of your car.


Can any core materials be processed into new forms?

Core metals of heavy & light iron, copper and aluminium all carry value. Even with the market for these fluctuating frequently, our good relationships with global purchases provides us with a competitive edge. Usually, these metals are shredded in a mill and treated to be used again in the production of new cars or any metal product. Over three quarters of a scrap car is metal and recycling that metal saves energy and resources compared to making or mining new metals. The exports of such are a major contributor to Britain’s gross domestic output, so as a country we gain in all sorts of ways from doing this efficiently. Remember when used tyres were a massive problem and banned from landfills? Well, technology advances mean a process called pyrolysis means the 40 million tyres we use as a nation each year can now be reduced to crumb rubber – carbon black. You may be familiar with the brightly coloured play areas with the bouncy floors; the floors are made from old broken down tyres. This is great news for salvage yards that faced this issue for many years. With polymers (plastics) from scrap cars, they can be reduced to pellets, grains or flakes for future use.


Can oils, catalytic converters and precious metals be retrieved by processing?

Used engines can be refined again and become a great energy source, with the platinum rhodium and palladium present in the catalytic converter is quite literally gold dust! The extraction processes separate the elements and leave just the valuable and precious materials. However, it is no straightforward process to extract these in the proper manner, but the result can be useful, especially in the production of creating new catalytic converters. With these materials in natural short supply, we believe it is important to make sure that these parts are effectively recycled.

All of these factors help us determine the best income revenue for your scrap vehicle and reduce waste.